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Professional male life model available to pose for art nude life modelling, photography and artistic life drawing classes in SW London, Greater London, Surrey and Nationwide UK

I am also available as a well-endowed male nude life model to pose nude for erotic life drawing classes and erotic photography classes, shoots, private commissions / bookings with female artists / photographers / sculptors or to pose for similar sensual scenarios in SW London, Greater London, Surrey and Nationwide UK

Erotic sensual intimate artistic photographic images celebrating, embracing and encapsulating tasteful themes of sensuality, sexual fantasy, eroticism, erotica, desire, intimacy, passion and romance featuring myself as a professional, very well endowed male art nude life model posing solo or with female life models for boudoir style photography exclusively for female photographers or with erotic life drawing classes for women and female artists.

Please visit the About Me link for more comprehensive details and locations.

I am not interested in or available for bookings of an explicit, pornographic nature, although you will see that I am comfortable with a more classical, erotic, sensual, stylish, tasteful artistic approach to art nude life modelling and boudoir style of photography when posing with ladies.

In truth, I actually dislike general pornography on both a personal and professional level preferring more sensual images entwined with erotic element.

I do acknowledge that some of the images are quite risque in their content, however you will see that I was comfortable posing for the photographs though I have chosen not to have my facial identity revealed in some of the images as I most certainly wish to keep some integrity and not wishing to be remembered as a porn star as I have more style than that.

I still believe that some things are best left to the imagination...

"A beautiful collection of images which are romantic and sensual yet without being too explicit. You have found just the right balance and seem very aware of the creative process when modelling for the images!. A joy to behold and I really enjoyed perusing your images from afar"  Natasha

"Such erotic,creative images of exquisite artistic beauty that you display which transcend the erotic and become sensual to be adored whether from near with intense intimacy or in fantasy. The poses and photography capture the intimacy combined with tasteful, artistic flair"  Lucy

"I love to laugh and love the company of men. Real men. Confident men. Men who know when I need to be silent and can respect that. A gentleman, yet not always. I love the rebel too, the almost impish, boyish and playful quality that surfaces in a strong man. When that spills over into passion and desire the combination is exquisite. You most certainly reflect these qualities when modelling"  Josephine

All images are protected under copyright & any unauthorised reproduction of the images herewith is not permitted under any circumstances.
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